The church

Relevant Magazine:

Wow. So beautiful.
This is exactly it.

The church should act like a battery charger where christians gather together unafraid to show how broken they are and despite that, Jesus still love them and they love Him back because God loved them first.

We all have a different tasks. We all have missions that God appointed us to. We go there, and testify about Jesus. Bringing Jesus to every dark corner of the world. And in the last day, the seventh day, we gather together as the church. Praising God for what He enabled us to do. Recharging and learning more about His word through the Pastor’s exhortation. It is where we commune.

Wow. I love this idea of the church.

The church I am in, I think we are not there yet. We are just a small church. Too small, that the leadership needs their members at their arms’ length, always.

I think our church has plenty to learn and I have faith that God is blessing us and tuning us up as the church He sees us to be, the church of Christ 🙂


THIS. This part of the article strike a chord in me. We would not be much of a church at all if any church member would only attend when they did not feel tired, busy, or stressed. One word: Commitment. If every member would commit, then the church that God wanted for us would be so easy to fulfill, reaching out to people, doing charity works that would make an impact in a whole community would be easy for a church to do.

Somehow, a church is restricted to doing missionary works, works that Jesus did in the bible because of lack of commitment as a church memeber. We cannot just “go and make diaciples” when we cannot make our own disciples out of our church members…

So, commitment.
We are not there yet. But we will be.
Signing out,

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The church

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