On Philippine History, HEKASI, Sibika

Uhh. I never liked the way history was taught (especially in elementary) and I am a  reader! I should be fascinated with history but it turns out I like stories but never my own story. I guess ganoon din ang karamihan sa kabataan. And we should change that.

How? Certainly not by removing Philippine History subjects in Grades 7-10.

Photo not mine.
Photo not mine.

I do not agree in removing this important subject even though it was not my favorite one. It is crucial for us youth to know about our own story. Some people say that it is okay because History is being taught in Grades 1-6 and it would be repetitive to teach the students while in their Grades 7-10 History again.

If I have seen this photo, learned about this news years ago when I was just a sixth grader, I would have rejoiced because, man, who would want to hear their teachers drone on and on and on about “Treaty in Paris,” “Batas Militar,” “Emilio Aguinaldo, first President,” “Jose Rizal, Pambansang Bayani.” That’s boring and practically a brain suicide when it comes to exams because I hate memorization especially names of people and places oh, especially dates! DATES: “When is the birthday of our National Hero?,” “When did the Spaniards sell Philippines to the Americans?” They were meaningless to me. They were just characters whom I cannot empathize with.

Where am I getting with this? I say, we need teachers who are also passionate about our story. I only have encountered three teachers who taught passionately about history. THREE. Two in High School, one in College. No one from my Elementary education. They all promoted memorization as the way of life. Mas na-appreciate ko yung teachers na binibigyan ng personalidad ang mga tauhan ng History without romanticizing/idolizing them. Learning about history should be like reading mystery-historical novels but much more interesting kasi hindi sya fiction.

We don’t want robots for a nation. Please let us not make that happen. Don’t get me wrong I have so much respect for teachers. I have so many teachers who have influenced my life, my way of thinking and they don’t even know.

That’s it for today,

On Philippine History, HEKASI, Sibika

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