I’m alive! My start of the week from mini hell, my love for Hozier, and grace

So I am having a blogging block. That sucks because last week I was full of ideas and was really excited to write but then those ideas came with an expiration date, I guess that is why now what is left is just the excitement but those ideas went poof. nada!

writing block

Anyway let’s talk about my start of the week from mini hell. So just this Monday, I was chilling. Editing some designs here and there, writing some articles here and making powerpoint presentations there. It’s all good, I can do this, no sweat. But then I was having this Neville-like feeling like I forgot something important. Then this remembrall (a person, obviously) asked me if I have finished the video  that our boss assigned me to do (like, ages ago).


Okay I know remembralls can’t spill what we forgot but in my world, they do haha sorry potterheads. ANYWAY that was the start of my mini hell cos apparently, the presentation was due on Wednesday morning. Luckily I already wrote a script and was even edited already, I only needed to apply the edits which took half of my Monday. I even stayed in the office over time to record the Narration part of the video (did I mention I am the VO? Ha! One man team FTW). The whole Tuesday was allotted for hardcore editing. Yes. Hardcore.

deadline is where I get my creative juices

I really looked like that while editing. I figured I should just leave the contacts and put on my geeky glasses cos Tuesday is reserved for hardcore editing, looking at the computer screen all day may further impair my already faulty eyes/eye sight. Tuesday was not enough, I just had to call it a day and wake up early on Wednesday to do some finishing touches and finally render the effing video.

Today is Wednesday, guess what I survived PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH. I think Hozier helped managing my stress levels. Apart from the video editing, I was also editing some presentation so it was kinda hectic. I was listening to From Eden by Hozier. It was so beautiful. It made me purr. Literally. Wait– not literally, really Just, purr from the inside you know.

There were times when I don’t even want to be bothered from what I was doing so every person who would interact with me, I just gave curt answers so they’d go away. Yeaaaahhh. Hadn’t made the best choices. I was rude and I was pulling my hair for that because honestly, looking back, I did not recognize myself in there. Why oh why did I let loose my inner monster?  I don’t want to be trapped in this state of condemnation so I forced myself to think about God’s grace. I say “force” because it was not easy thinking about God when I felt so tainted. I forced myself to think about how God was the one who made me, how God was the one who saved me. He saved a wretched little thing like me so who am I to not forgive myself when God Himself said I am justified, that I am FREE, that I am beautiful and intricate and full of faults. To make the long story short, after a while, I forgave myself. I also prayed that I may find a way to make up to those people… You know it was really humiliating, how I acted, I could laugh!

Anyway that’s grace. And you know what, I made it.

I think I should get back to my assignment. Ciao!

I’m alive! My start of the week from mini hell, my love for Hozier, and grace

Ano daw ang interesting sa Baguio

Interesting? I find it interesting how people can be mad at the “evil capitalist who destroyed the pine trees” that is Henry Sy but still avail sm advantage cards! Bongga!

I find it interesting walking along Session Road on my way to the jeep terminal that I see foreigners and filipinos meeting for the first time IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VERY NARROW ROAD.

Foreigner: I can’t believe it’s you!
Pinoy: IKR?? *HUUUUG*
Me: erm excu- …
Pinoy: You don’t look like this *shows phone* at all!!!
Me: uhh… *i’mjustgoingtopassthroughreaaaalllyquicklybuhbye*

Session road is that narrow pramis.
Eyeball. Pshhh. Laos na yan. Charot lang!

So number three interesting thing in Baguio is that people go to their malls or shops to warm up! Totally different in Los Baños where people go to malls to get cold. I also notice that the coffee shops here are actually just disguising as Cafe (says so on their signs above their stores) but really, they’re just ordinary carenderia or fast food! Kaloka! I was looking for coffee and wifi and you don’t know how many “Cafes” I went to before I found the cafe I have been looking for.

Anyways this list could go on like how barters here are so confusing down to how theyd rather talk in English than Tagalog hahah. I won’t generalize but I have had encounters as unusual as that 🙂

Signing off now! Will be back once I scavenge on some wifi.

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Ano daw ang interesting sa Baguio