The Orchid

Now that I am in my twenties, I decided to treasure my relationships, friendships, families, circles. I decided I will keep them close. I feel challenged to water my relationships, waiting for each to blossom like a gardener to a beloved plant. I am excited by this secret God shared with me – that He chose the people around me and that they are gifts/ blessings therefore failed and stagnant relationships is not His will. God will make it bloom.

But what if this orchid blooms and clings to a nearby plant? Eventually, the plant will fall for the orchid is taking its nourishment, stealing even. When the plant falls, the orchid will also.

We should always protect our relationships for it might bloom the wrong way.

You see, orchid, I love you. I want you to grow but I don’t want you to depend on a plant for it is a temporary thing. Do not put your treasures on something fleeting, for it will make you believe that your heart is theirs. It is not. It should be in God’s hands. Do you remember, God said you should guard your heart. Protect it with all your might. I always remind you of God’s words but orchid, you never listen. You always go to your plant for comfort. You said that you feel alive and happy when you are with the plant. But orchid, you are forgetting the sun… the sun is really, all you need. You are just a leaf for now, you do not see your worth but you will be beautiful in God’s time. You will bloom if you let the sun.

And now, and now… I ask myself… Am I becoming an orchid?

Teka muna, wait lang.

In my efforts to lead you to the sun, I have forgotten to guard my own heart… I am slowly becoming an orchid that needed nourishment from something fleeting.

Hay orchid. I want you to bloom. Pero hindi ako ang magdidilig sayo. Hindi pwedeng ako. Kailangan mo ng mag-aalaga sayo at hindi ako yun. You need to hear God’s words from a better leader, someone who could be your model, someone older, and much wiser.

Ako, nandito lang ako if you need the fellowship of a christian sister. Nothing more. I have my own guarding to do. I have to focus on the sun because God is not finished with me yet.

Greater things is yet to come. Greater things is still to be done.

The Orchid