Begin Again

I love the movie so much I wanted to rewrite the ending where Keira and Adam can end up together despite them having to choose different paths.

I have played Lost Stars on the piano and love singing to it while thinking about the meaning of the song. It is so vague, I can make up stories about it. The song makes me think of the irony that is when we are young, there are so many people and situations that can limit us from doing what we want therefore the energy and the idealism of the young is wasted while as we become older, these boundaries seem to disappear but so does our energy and our heart.

God, tell us the reason
youth is wasted on the young

But then again some parts of the song makes me think of how little, not even a scratch, I can make in the world even. We have been programed for so long that we are destined for something, and someday we are going to find that purpose, and fulfill it. But what if there is not an out there?

Who are we
just a spec of dust within the galaxy
Woe is me
if we’re not careful turns into reality

But knowing these things…this should not invalidate what we have achieved, what we believe are good things. Being trapped in a cynical mind will only trap us of what we can actually do. Even if we see nothing, reach out.

Please don’t see
just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies
Please see me
reaching out to someone I can’t see

Maybe Lost Stars’s meaning is vague because it is written very specifically by the writer. In the movie, Begin Again, Gretta (Keira Knightley) wrote the song as a gift to her boyfriend, Dave (Adam Levine). She thinks of it as their song but then towards the end of the movie, Dave sang it as his last bullet or last effort to reach out to Gretta. And the words to the song was given life. It’s as if Gretta already knew from that day she gave the song to Dave that if there is something that could save their relationship, it would be Lost Stars.

Dave invited Gretta to come up to the stage to sing Lost Stars with him but Gretta ran away. What could it mean? Maybe she finally let go of the last fiber that hold them both together – music? She doesn’t believe that they’re in love, just in music? I do not know.

But part of me wanted for Gretta to give their relationship a chance again. To prove that “a small bump in a road” is not why she gave up on their relationship.

Maybe if I have the time, I will make a mini comic strip haha.

There’s an inspiration.

Begin Again